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Technical metalcore newcomers Eschalon launch with debut single feat. Neema Askari (Fellsilent)

Photo Credit: Jake Ten

UK tech-metalcore new comers Eschalon have launched with their debut single 'Helios', along with a stunning music video.

Featuring the legendary Neema Askari of Fell Silent, watch the video directed by Jake Ten here: Stream on Spotify and Apple Music.

Founded in Cambridge by Simon Garrod and Miles Taylor, Eschalon has been a behind-the-scenes project for many years. Throughout lockdown, the band finished writing multiple bodies of work before recruiting the right members for the job, which eventually saw the culmination of what we know as Eschalon today.

Eschalon started recording with Meyrick De La Fuente of Floodgate Audio in late 2021 to create their all-encompassing auditory and visual onslaught. Mixing dissonance with serenity, Eschalon draw from a wide range of influences, fusing multiple genres to create a dense and chaotic soundscape.

On the new single 'Helios', the band comment: "Burning compassion in the face of shadows. 'Helios' is a fervent testament to the unyielding spirit that reaches out to uplift those grappling with turmoil. The lyrics weave an intricate tapestry of heartfelt altruism, resonating with anyone who's ever extended a hand to someone in need. It's a symphony of devotion, capturing the fiery passion of aiding others while acknowledging the toll it can take. Journeys through cosmic allegories mirror the emotional voyage, as the track kindles a guiding light through the darkest of times."

The first single 'Helios' is also a tribute to one of the pillars of the tech metal community. The band continue: "On November 1st, 2022 we lost our dear friend Karl Riley of Carcer City. Karl had been a supporter of Eschalon for many years, and had introduced us to our vocalist Brad. Brad was Karl’s best friend, and cared for him until the very end. Karl had become obsessed with number synchronicities and had been telling his friends, family and nurses that the numbers ‘11122’ were important to his life, but that he did not know what they meant. Having predicted the date of his own passing, we felt this was an important date and marked it as a date we should honour as a band. We decided that 1/11/23, a year on from Karl’s passing, we would release Helios in loving memory of Karl Riley, to honour him, and our relationship as a band which he hand a significant hand in forging.

"Karl Riley Forever."

Eschalon recently played their debut live show to a sold-out audience in Cambridge, opening for Vexed. News on more live shows coming soon.

Eschalon are:

Vocals: Brad Makinson, Maximo David

Guitars: Simon Garrod, Callum Smith

Bass: James O’Donoghue

Drums: Miles Taylor

FFO: Monuments, Northlane, Architects, The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, Agent Fresco

Eschalon online:


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