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Thomas Nicholas (Kevin Myers/American Pie) Band releases "We're Gonna Be Okay" Album

After 15 years, 1000 concerts and 6 albums THOMAS NICHOLAS BAND signed their first record deal with SBÄM Records and is currently recording original songs for their 7th studio album being produced by Taylor Carroll (LIT, Kemikalfire) in featuring artists such as: Jaret Reddick (Bowling for Soup), Ace Enders (the Early November), Matthew Kennedy (The Dangerous Summer) Zac Burnett (American Authors), Ayron Jones and more. 

Nicholas comments, "After writing 1999, the parody of Bowling For Soup's 1985 with Jaret Reddick and recording it with the band. Jaret and I wrote a brand new song together and I've been holding onto to it for the perfect moment to share it with everyone. This is that moment and subsequently the title of my 7th album". 

"Similar to the other collaborations, the similar though line from all of my friends was to write a song about what I'm scared to talk about. This song is directly in line with that concept. I don't want to talk about these ideas and its scary to open up in that way, but after 30 years of writing music, I'm sharing more vulnerable songs. This is one of my favorite songs that I have ever written. Each time that I have a song like that it always becomes the title track. Each title of my 7 albums represents my favorite song that encapsulates the concept of the record". 

"Jaret is very vocal about mental health and respect how is such an open book. I have not been that way my whole life but I'm learning. I do think it's important to share our dark thoughts and get them into words. My songs are they way that I'm able to do that and I encourage everyone to do the same. Share your dark thoughts with a trusted person. thoughts are like mountains and putting them into words, they become hills that we can climb. As the song says, We're Gonna Be Okay". 

TNB’s single MY GENERATION was on the American Reunion soundtrack album, gearing close to 1 million streams on Spotify. Last year, TNB recorded 1999 a parody of Bowling For Soup's 1985. | The Early November: The Early November has always been ruled by nostalgia. Frontman Ace Enders was only a teenager when the band started life in New Jersey in 2001, but even then he was already lost inside his past, forever trying to recapture that most impossible of things to capture – time, as well as everything that happens inside it. It’s ironic, then, that Twenty manages – as much as is possible – to do that. A celebration of the two decades that have somehow passed since debut EP For All Of This came out, these 10 songs don’t just get lost within the past, but also redefine it, bringing it fully into the present. Recorded and produced by Enders mostly at his Ocean City, NJ studio, with founding drummer Jeff Kummer in tow, Twenty effortlessly straddles the divide between then and now, its 10 songs casting a backwards glance at the days and years gone by, while also looking forward to the future. A collection of both brand new tracks and older ones written during the course of the band’s life to date.

Over the last 15 years TNB has played over 1000 concerts in 12 countries from huge festivals to solo acoustic shows in intimate clubs and private charity fundraisers. Front man, Thomas Nicholas is a hybrid of Dave Grohl meets Bruce Springsteen and his live performance is so much fun to watch that people always come back to see another concert.


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