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Metal quintet from Scotland, Perpetua release new single, 'The Hell It Brings'

Perpetua, an emerging force in the metal scene hailing from Scotland, has meticulously crafted a distinctive and dynamic sound that is sure to captivate the attention of the metal community. Their highly anticipated full-length album, "Resurgence," is set to be released on March 22nd, featuring the powerful lead single, 'The Hell It Brings,' available now.

The accompanying official video, linked here: Watch 'The Hell It Brings' official video, not only showcases the band's unique songwriting prowess but also captures the intense energy of their live performances. Brace yourself for an intense surge of modern metal excellence!

In their own words, Perpetua describes 'The Hell It Brings' as a exploration of themes such as bad choices and depression, delving deep into the dark realms of the human mind. The song, tuned lower than others on the album, boasts some of the heaviest and grooviest guitars, making it a standout single. The video complements the theme by visually portraying the twisted nature of the mind, offering a perspective through augmented lenses and prisms. The pacing of the video mirrors the challenges of keeping up with the demands of life.

Reflecting on the album, the band expresses that "Resurgence" is the culmination of their dedicated efforts to create something truly special. With a fresh take on classic metal formulas infused with a modern twist, the album features aggressive and deep tracks. The intricate song structures, layered choruses, fast technical guitars, and ferocious groove seamlessly blend together. The band aimed for a more technical and melodic approach, evident in the dark and moving instrumental aspects of the songs.

Since their formation in 2013, Perpetua has released the debut EP "Resistance" in 2016, followed by the second EP "To Suffer" in 2018. Two successful headline UK tours supported these releases, and the band shared the stage with diverse artists like Skindred, Crossfaith, and Hacktivist. Notably, Perpetua clinched the Best Metal Act title at the Scottish Alternative Music Awards, solidifying their place in the metal scene.

1 Resurgence (Intro)

2 Resolve

4 Tethered

6 Human

7 Trapped Mind

8 This Is Retribution

9 Forsaken

10 Alone In The Static


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