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Review Zoo ask the question... who's the Heaviest Band to Walk the Earth?

Photo by Rok Romih

In the realm of heavy metal, where thunderous riffs, guttural vocals, and bone-shaking drums reign supreme, the quest to determine the heaviest band is an ongoing saga. With a diverse array of contenders, each armed with its own sonic arsenal, the battle for supremacy rages on.

So, let's embark on a journey to unravel the mystery: Who's the heaviest metal band to walk the earth?

Here are some Contenders:

Whitechapel: Hailing from Knoxville, Tennessee, Whitechapel has been a force to be reckoned with in the deathcore scene. Their relentless aggression, downtuned guitars, and blistering breakdowns contribute to their formidable heaviness.

Slipknot: Known for their chaotic stage presence and eclectic mix of genres, Slipknot has left an indelible mark on the metal landscape. The combination of nine members, intense percussion, and Corey Taylor's visceral vocals makes Slipknot a heavyweight contender.

Cannibal Corpse: As pioneers of death metal, Cannibal Corpse has been delivering brutal and uncompromising music for decades. Their technical proficiency, gruesome lyrics, and relentless speed have solidified their status as one of the heaviest in the genre.

Pantera: Hailing from Texas, Pantera's groove-infused thrash metal has withstood the test of time. Dimebag Darrell's shredding guitar, Phil Anselmo's aggressive vocals, and a rhythm section that hits like a sledgehammer contribute to Pantera's legendary heaviness.

Meshuggah: Hailing from Sweden, Meshuggah is synonymous with the term "djent." Their polyrhythmic precision, combined with Fredrik Thordendal's eight-string guitar wizardry, creates a sonic landscape that is both intricate and crushingly heavy.

Black Sabbath: Widely regarded as the pioneers of heavy metal, Black Sabbath's influence is immeasurable. Tony Iommi's iconic riffs, Ozzy Osbourne's haunting vocals, and Geezer Butler's thunderous bass lines set the foundation for what we now recognize as heavy metal.

Lorna Shore: Rising stars in the deathcore scene, Lorna Shore brings a modern and atmospheric twist to extreme metal. Their symphonic elements, coupled with guttural vocals and blast beats, contribute to a sonic onslaught that's both intense and atmospheric.

So what makes Heavy...

Several key elements contribute to a band's claim to heaviness:

  1. Guitar Tuning: Lower tunings, such as drop tunings or extended range guitars, add a seismic weight to the sound.

  2. Vocal Delivery: Gut-wrenching growls, screams, and powerful clean vocals all play a role in creating a band's heaviness.

  3. Rhythm and Tempo: A relentless, fast-paced rhythm section, coupled with intricate drum patterns, can create an unstoppable force.

  4. Lyrics and Themes: Dark and aggressive lyrical content, often exploring themes of violence, death, and the occult, can intensify a band's heaviness.

  5. Stage Presence: A band's live performance, energy, and engagement with the audience can elevate their overall heaviness.

In the end, the title of the heaviest metal band is subjective, as it depends on individual taste and preferences. Whether it's the brutal breakdowns of Whitechapel, the sonic chaos of Slipknot, or the timeless heaviness of Black Sabbath, each contender brings something unique to the table. So, who's the heaviest metal band to walk the earth? The answer lies in the ear of the beholder.

Who would take your heaviest band title? 

Lee Holden-Rushworth (Review Zoo)


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