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Review Zoo check out the huge hypnotic EP, Mycelium by spectacular synth duo, Delusive Relics

Newly released EP, Mycelium by Delusive Relics delves into the mystical world of fairy rings, elves, fantastical beings and magic.


"Climax" kicks off with a steady, pulsating bass drum pattern that draws one in and is gradually met with a hypnotic synth bass piece.

As the full drum kit elegantly slides into the mix, "Climax" takes shape like a butterfly progressing from its cocoon and blossoming into a picture of beauty.

There’s something quite filthy to the beginning of "Climax," and I love it!

The dirty beginnings leave plenty of room for the song to progress and evolve, and that’s exactly what it does.

More synths are brought in before a beautiful vocal is introduced with great effect.

The track remains laid-back, enhancing the soothing feel of "Climax" with the switching of vocals between singing and whispering.

I love the way different sounds approach and come together like ships in a harbour, all working around each other while bringing great beauty overall.

Almost ending where we began, "Climax" fades back into the kick drum pattern but doesn’t leave all behind on its journey as a sound effect met along the way is brought through to the end of the track as "Climax" comes to a close.

The production quality of "Climax" is stellar, with each layer of sound meticulously crafted and balanced. The transitions are smooth, allowing the listener to be enveloped in the immersive soundscape the band has created.

The vocal performance is particularly noteworthy, with the artist delivering both powerful and intimate moments that resonate deeply. The lyrics are poignant and add an emotional depth to the track. The whispering segments create an almost ethereal atmosphere, contrasting beautifully with the more robust singing parts.

"Climax" is a journey in itself, a testament to the band's ability to craft music that is both compelling and soothing. It’s a track that invites repeated listens, each time revealing new layers and nuances. The thoughtful arrangement and the emotional undercurrent make "Climax" a standout piece in the EP, leaving a lasting impression on the listener.

The attention to detail in the layering of sounds is particularly impressive. Each element, from the hypnotic bass to the delicate synths, is placed with precision, contributing to the track’s overall depth and richness. The progression of the song feels natural and organic, with each section building upon the last to create a cohesive and engaging experience.

The atmospheric quality of "Climax" is enhanced by the subtle use of ambient sounds and effects, adding a sense of space and dimension to the track. This creates an immersive listening experience, transporting the listener to a different realm. The interplay between the rhythmic elements and the melodic components is masterfully handled, ensuring that the track remains captivating throughout its duration.

Overall, "Climax" is a beautifully crafted piece that showcases Delusive Relics' musical prowess and artistic vision. It’s a song that resonates on multiple levels, offering both a soothing and thought-provoking listening experience. As the track concludes, it leaves the listener with a sense of completion, yet a desire to revisit the journey again and again.


"Fairy Ring" begins with a crisp, groovy beat which is quickly met with a spacy synth, followed by pristine vocals. I really like where "Fairy Ring" goes, as the song takes us on a beautifully spacious journey as the sound opens up.

"Fairy Ring" is an awesome soundscape, a magical journey, and an incredible demonstration of the brilliant songwriting and musicianship Delusive Relics offer.

The low-frequency synths help the song move from piece to piece while adding a cool sinister edge to the track.

After the low-frequency synth hits, a beautiful high-frequency piece is elegantly added like fairy dust being sprinkled on the top of a mountain, making it magical and further uplifting.

In the middle of "Fairy Ring," we hit a point of reset where the song comes back down and begins by revisiting the drum intro. I really like this break as we get to hear Delusive Relics build another soundscape from the ground up.

Quirky sounds are added, perfectly placed as "Fairy Ring" climbs back to the top of the mountain. Vocals meet as a crescendo, bringing "Fairy Ring" to a close.

The production quality of "Fairy Ring" is exceptional, with each element meticulously crafted to create a cohesive and immersive experience. The seamless blend of electronic sounds and organic vocals showcases the band's innovative approach to music-making, allowing the listener to get lost in the track’s enchanting atmosphere.

The vocal performance is pristine adding an ethereal quality that elevates the song. The lyrics, though minimal, evoke a sense of wonder and mystique, perfectly complementing the track’s overall vibe. The interplay between the low and high-frequency synths adds depth and texture, creating a rich auditory experience.

The track's structure is dynamic, with well-timed shifts that keep the listener engaged. The initial groove sets a captivating foundation, while the mid-song reset provides a refreshing pause before building up to the climactic finale. This journey-like progression mirrors the mythical and magical themes suggested by the song’s title.

The quirky sounds introduced in the latter half of the song add a playful element, enhancing the sense of exploration and discovery. Each sound is perfectly placed, contributing to the overall tapestry of the track without overwhelming the core melody.

As "Fairy Ring" reaches its crescendo, the combined elements create a powerful and uplifting finale. The closing moments of the track bring everything full circle, tying the entire piece together.


"Mercury in retrograde" has a distinctly experimental feel, with the driving nature of the rhythm section giving M.I.R. a harder industrial-style edge.

The piano adds an eerie, off-the-wall atmosphere.

The vocals take on a heavy rock/metal style but are delivered in a lighter degree, ensuring they fit well with the song and don’t overpower the track.

I like the aggressive edge and the way it’s cleverly tamed to fit the song perfectly.

The layering of sounds in "Mercury in retrograde" is impressive, with the industrial beats providing a gritty foundation that contrasts beautifully with the haunting piano. This juxtaposition creates a tension that is both unsettling and captivating, drawing the listener deeper into the track’s unique atmosphere.

The production quality is exceptional, with each element meticulously balanced to create a cohesive and immersive sound. The subtle use of electronic effects adds an extra layer of complexity, enhancing the experimental nature of the song without detracting from its core intensity.

The lyrics, infused with themes of chaos and introspection, resonate with the turbulent energy of the music, adding depth to the overall experience.

The song's structure is dynamic, with an intensity that keeps the listener engaged from start to finish. The ebb and flow of the arrangement mirror the unpredictable nature of mercury in retrograde, making the track feel like a sonic reflection of the astrological phenomenon it’s named after.

"Mercury in retrograde" is a bold and inventive track that showcases Delusive Relics' ability to push the boundaries of genre and style. It stands out on the EP for its daring approach and the seamless integration of diverse musical elements. The track is a testament to the band's creativity and their skill in crafting music that is both challenging and accessible.


"Mycelium" sees Juls Garat from the band Pilgrims of Yearning collaborate with Delusive Relics.

Mycelium begins with some brilliantly dirty digital percussion which is soon met with the beginnings of a synth tune. When another synth part is introduced, the two parts perfectly entwine, creating the incredible tune we were hoping for.

Pads and vocals soon follow, and Mycelium is fully underway like a locomotive steadily en route. The synth pads swell beautifully under the vocals, creating a great atmosphere, taking me back to the '80s and reminding me of the hit series, Stranger Things.

Mycelium takes a turn like the twist in a psychological thriller as male vocals are introduced, and the song breaks into a whole new vibe.

I love this twist as it comes unexpectedly and is brilliantly written into the track.

Towards the end of Mycelium, there’s a great breakdown-style passage which I really like. If Delusive Relics were a standard band, I can hear this part as a breakdown with slap bass and drums grooving away as a middle section, but Delusive Relics have created this style of breakdown using electronics which is awesome.

This part is followed by a synth lead section which takes Mycelium through to the end.

The collaboration in Mycelium brings out the best of both worlds, blending the unique talents of Juls Garat with the signature sound of Delusive Relics. The track’s production is top-notch, with every element carefully crafted to create a cohesive and immersive experience. The interplay between the dirty digital percussion and the melodic synth lines sets the stage for a track that is both gritty and captivating.

Juls Garat delivers a hauntingly beautiful performance that complements the track’s atmospheric vibe. The addition of male vocals adds a surprising twist, shifting the song’s mood and keeping the listener engaged. This unexpected change is a testament to the band’s innovative songwriting and ability to keep their music dynamic and unpredictable.

The '80s-inspired synth pads add a nostalgic touch, while the modern production techniques ensure the track feels fresh and contemporary. The breakdown towards the end showcases Delusive Relics’ creativity, using electronic elements to create a moment of tension and release that is both satisfying and exhilarating.

The synth lead section that closes the track is a perfect culmination, bringing all the elements together in a powerful finale. Mycelium is a standout track on the EP, highlighting the band’s ability to blend different styles and influences into a unique and compelling sound. It’s a track that invites repeated listens, each time revealing new layers and details that make it an unforgettable part of the EP.

Delusive Relics' latest EP is a masterful showcase of their exceptional talent and creativity. Comprised of four meticulously crafted songs, this EP is a testament to the duo's ability to blend genres and create immersive soundscapes that captivate the listener. Each track offers a unique journey, with moments that evoke the legendary vibes of Portishead, infused with a distinctive '80s aesthetic that feels both nostalgic and fresh.

The haunting and atmospheric quality of the EP makes it a perfect fit for the soundtrack of a series like Stranger Things, seamlessly blending with its retro-futuristic ambiance. "Mycelium" stands out as a particularly unique and enjoyable listen, highlighting the duo's innovative approach to music production and songwriting.

Overall, this EP is a thoroughly enjoyable listen that showcases Delusive Relics' potential to make a significant impact in the music world. Their ability to evoke deep emotions and create memorable musical moments ensures that this release is well worth checking out. With such talent and vision, Delusive Relics are poised to carve out a distinct and influential place in the contemporary music scene.

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