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Deathcore Outfit, WASTE, Release new video and EP

US brutalists WASTE have unveiled their new single / video 'Wither', another beast of a track taken from their new EP, In Bloom, out today via Seek & Strike.

WASTE are the embodiment of sheer brutality, as they continuously churn out tracks that are full of heaviness and intensity. However, make no mistake, because this is not your typical deathcore band, as they incorporate more dynamics into their song-writing, which offers up a unique vision and uncompromising sound. The In Bloom EP was produced by Bodysnatcher’s Chris Whited of 1776 Recordings

WASTE state: "Our new single, ‘Wither,' was written out of pure anger towards a society that uses people as assets for their own personal goals without putting into account the real human lives. People are left behind in the gutter of feeling like their life is only useful if profitable to others until they are discarded along with all the memories and relationships made along the way. The video for ‘Wither' really wasn't intended to be super high production or anything fancy. We just wanted to visualize the energy that comes with the song."

On the new EP, the band continue: "With these new songs, we wanted to tell a story that shined light on our collective lives and experiences. We touch on things like mental health and general hardships, but we also address certain topics that we take issue with. It's no question that the world has gone through some truly crazy, even traumatizing events over the past few years and this EP tells a story of our perspective during this time. 

“Our new track, ‘Worthless,' is the first single to be released from this collection of new songs. We actually chose this to take the lead as the first single because we feel it's really the culmination of what all of these new songs bring to the table. The music video, while simple, we feel represents the chaos and frenetic energy that the song puts out.

"Something that every member of this band feels strongly about is that we don't want to try to sound like a carbon copy of any other band in our genre. We simply bring many different elements of metal that we all enjoy and create a sound that utilizes a little bit of everything, but again our aim is not to take directly from a certified band. We'll always be trying new things and with that comes something that all our listeners can find enjoyment in. We don't stick to one specific genre, or style of metal. Each song is an attempt to deliver a new experience. We strive to create a full experience for our listeners. Whether they see us live or they are just listening to us. We want to leave them feeling like they just watched a movie or just listened to the soundtrack to one. We want to invoke an emotional reaction within our listener. With it be anger or happiness, sadness or excitement. Our music is made to take the individual through their own journey. 

"There are plenty of things about this new collection of music that we are proud of, but there are most definitely a few that really showcase aspects about all these tracks. The first one being the vocal performance of this record. Jeremy came at each one of these songs with a vengeance and delivered an absolutely incredible display showcasing the range of his vocal abilities. Every single member will say the first thing that stands out are the vocals. Instrumentally, we also pushed ourselves above and beyond to create something truly dynamic, overly aggressive and unique. 

“However, arguably and most importantly, is the production side. We, once again, worked with our good friend, Chris Whited of 1776 Recordings/Bodysnatcher drummer, for this recording. Chris has always been consistent and an absolute pleasure to work with, but this time around we can tell he took a certain different angle with this record, which resulted in the best sounding mix he's ever done. Every detail was given the time it required to make it sound the way it needed. From the drum mix to the tones, vocals and the extra production side of things, everything that was done was done with purpose. We’re stoked for you all to hear it and thanks for the support.” 


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