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Dwarrowdelf Unveil New Single "Deliverance"

With the much heralded announcement of their new album, "The Fallen Leaves", revealed late last year, atmospheric black/death metal project Dwarrowdelf are delighted to reveal a brand new single to kick off 2024 at full force. 

The new single, "Deliverance", is a full force musical journey, for which Dwarrowdelf mastermind Tom O'Dell is happy to give more insight into:

""Deliverance" is the real mission statement for "The Fallen Leaves".  Chronicling a hero's grim realisation and acceptance of their destined fate, the song blends a real variety of influences together seamlessly.  From bouncing melodeath riffs and searing blackened tremolo leads to brutal breakdowns and epic choirs, the track takes the listener on a truly captivating journey in its runtime, without the need for excess or filler." 

Upcoming Album "The Fallen Leaves" Releases February 2nd On Northern Silence Productions

Check out "Deliverance" on YouTube below: 

Dwarrowdelf - "The Fallen Leaves" Track Listing

1) "Within The Ashes, The Ember Still Burns"

2) "The Journey To Dawn"

3) "To Dust, We All Return"

4) "This Shattered World"

5) "Escape From The Dreamspire"

6) "Deliverance"

7) "The Fallen Leaves"

Full of intricate, soaring instrumental work, gigantic riffs, and a mixture of vocal styles, "The Fallen Leaves" is an album that will have much to be enjoyed for fans all across the metal spectrum.

Here's Dwarrowdelf's Tom O'Dell to explain more about "The Fallen Leaves":

"Representing a new beginning for the Dwarrowdelf project, 'The Fallen Leaves' displays lyrical themes of sorrow, struggle, and grappling with reality. Taking further inspiration from the diverse blend of influences that drove 2021’s Cold Lie the Ashes yet cohesively retaining the trademark Dwarrowdelf sense of scale and atmosphere, this album truly sounds like nothing else."

It may not surprise readers to learn that with the name of the band taken from Lord Of The Rings, much of the inspiration and source material for Dwarrowdelf's music so far has come from the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. Tom himself mentioned that "The Fallen Leaves" marks a new chapter in Dwarrowdelf, and this is also true when it comes to source material.

Having focused on the works of Tolkien up to this point, the new album draws some lyrical inspiration from the Elden Ring video game, its immersive approach offering much in common to the world that Tolkien created many years before. Immersive is definitely a word that can also be used to describe "The Fallen Leaves"; Drawing listeners in to hold their undivided attention in that special way that the best creative works do, whether they are an album, a book or a video game. 

The release of "Deliverance" follows on from the first single to be released from "The Fallen Leaves", the seven minute epic "This Shattered World", which can be enjoyed on YouTube on this link, can be streamed on Apple Music here or on Spotify here

For those not yet familiar with Dwarrowdelf, an excellent place to start is with their last full length album "Evenstar". A full playlist of the record is available on YouTube on this link. Similarly, for a selection of tracks across the history of Dwarrowdelf since their inception in 2017, there is a handy Dwarrowdelf Essentials playlist available on Spotify.


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