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Metal Giants My Favourite Nemesis announce new EP and share new single/video 'We Annihilate'

Finland's My Favourite Nemesis makes a fierce return with their blistering new track, 'We Annihilate,' extracted from their upcoming EP 'We Annihilate I.' This EP is the inaugural instalment in a two-part series and is scheduled for release on April 26th through Seek and Strike.

Witness the intensity of 'We Annihilate' in the accompanying video: Watch Here.

The 'We Annihilate I' EP delivers a sonic onslaught of captivating hooks, melodies, and high-velocity, impactful compositions. The single 'We Annihilate' provides a compelling preview of the EP, promising an onslaught of engaging hooks, melodies, and energetically powerful songs.

My Favourite Nemesis explains, "Following the release of our second album, Eidolon, we already had some demo tracks in the works. The writing process this time was more direct, with active involvement from every band member. While we didn't deliberately aim for significant changes in our sound, this EP represents a natural evolution for the band.

Each track exudes aggression and emotion more prominently than before, presenting a raw and less polished sound compared to our previous releases. Sanna (vocals) was involved in writing the vocals and lyrics from the start, leading us to focus on crafting clean vocal lines and melodies.

"In terms of lyrics, we aimed to address important topics such as war, greed, and mental health. Both Janne’s (vocals) and Sanna’s writing styles complement each other seamlessly. What sets this release apart is the gut-punching feel of the songs, featuring melodic parts that invite sing-alongs.

The mix is massive yet maintains clarity, allowing listeners to catch every detail and dynamic. For those unfamiliar with our music, this EP serves as the perfect introduction, showcasing what we believe to be our strongest material yet.

Each track offers a creative blend of rhythmic and melodic grooves, ensuring listeners stay hooked and return for more.

"The new track, 'We Annihilate,' revolves around creating something new by dismantling the old. It explores the uncertainties of the future, a central theme throughout the entire EP, which is why we chose it as the lead single. The song came together swiftly during composition and lyric writing, resulting in a crushing and catchy piece.

The video mirrors the dark and intimate essence of the song; eschewing grand set pieces or elaborate special effects, it simply captures the band's performance, allowing the music to speak for itself."

In addition, My Favourite Nemesis has been announced to perform at the Uprising Festival UK on May 25th, sharing the stage with Katatonia, Brujeria, Discharge, and more.

Since 2017, My Favourite Nemesis has garnered considerable acclaim within the Finnish modern metal scene, thanks to their infectious guitar riffs and diverse range of instrumental and vocal arrangements. The band's dynamic live shows have effectively won over audiences both in Finland and internationally.

Notably, they achieved this with two sold-out performances alongside Swedish metal band Dead By April in Finland and a successful German tour accompanying Suffocation. My Favourite Nemesis is now poised to introduce their distinctive brand of heavy metal brilliance to a global audience.

We Annihilate I track list:

02 - Paradox You Seek            

03 - Corporeal Husk  

04 - Chimera

05 - Blind


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