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Review Zoo catch up with House Artist, Izzy Trixx. set to release her new single!

Hi Izzy Trixx, welcome to Review Zoo

First of all, what got you into music and how old were you when you started your musical journey?

I learnt to play the piano at a young age, from there violin and guitar. I was 11 years old and my mum wanted us to have more skills outside of academic learning

Please can you tell us about your musical journey today? What have you been doing recently?

I went to university for audio and music technology and have been DJing for over ten years. I have been wanting to release my own music for so long but never felt confident knowing which genre or instruments would truly be my sound until this past year. I decided to work on a five track EP and release it throughout the end of 2023!

I hear you have a new single set for release, please can you tell us about that?

My next song is being released on the 1st of September and it's titled 'THE NAME'. It has this beautiful punjabi vocal sample that I found and I couldn't bear to let it go. I found that on its own as an acapella, it is powerful and moving and I felt like I wanted to elevate into a more commercial platform.

Which country do you call home? Indonesia. Its where my family is now so when I go home its to wherever they are If you had to choose one song to showcase Izzy Trixx to new listeners, which song would you select? I would choose I Love You. It's simple, strong, and energetic. I like the double drop and the rhythm layering. I feel like it's true to me and everytime I've been at a rave i've heard someone somewhere singing 'I love you' to whatever song is playing so I thought, why not make it into an actual song. Who are your main influences and inspirations? Skrillex is consistently my favourite person in music. He did the band thing, the DJ thing, he's smart, humble and killer on stage. His writing abilities are truly a gift. I remember I had my hair shaved like his when I was younger. Someone uploaded a picture of me to a fb page called 'girls who look like skrillex'. I've never been so proud in my life Do you ever get nervous before a live performance and if you do, how do you deal with it? ABSOLUTELY. I either pace up and down like a maniac or meditate. You'll see me before a set with my eyes closed off laying on the floor or on a bench keeping myself together to stop me overthinking or doubting myself. What do you feel your biggest strong point is as a music producer/Artist? Learning music young and learning to play classical music and understanding the theory of music For all the producers on Review Zoo...What’s your favourite plugin? Nicky Romero's kickstarter. It's so obvious but it's essential to dance music. Favourite piece of gear you wouldn’t go without? My laptop. I'm constantly changing my mind. Right up and till and even during my set I change my mind as to what I want to play. Sometimes it'll be in the final seconds of the song! So I have to make sure I have my laptop with me at all times so I can add songs to USB, make edits on the fly, download sound effects etc Do you listen to any other genres outside of your chosen genre, if so which ones? I was a total emo girl who loved pop punk so I still go back to those roots especially now artists like Bring Me The Horizon, Yungblud and Machine Gun Kelly are around. I also loooove me some cheeky dnb Who would you like to collaborate with in the future? Skrillex or LP Giobbi. But I'd also be scared of them because they are so good at what they do. I'd love to work with someone who doesn't usually do house music. MIA would be my choice cause she's a badass who knows how to push boundaries and. go mental. She embodies a person who doesn't just hear music she feels it too.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? I really love riding my Yamaha XJ600. It gives me freedom and time off from the world. I have an amazing speaker system inside my helmet too which a new company called Syphon Sound came out with and it has really changed my riding experience Is there anything you’d like to add? My full EP is called 'But What If It All Goes Right' and it will be released later this year. The name actually came from a Primark T-shirt that I had brought to Ibiza to wear to bed. It ended up being the talk amongst friends given the events that happened that weekend. After seeing so many DJ's and being in these really special incredible environments I wanted to write music even more.


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