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Review Zoo check out "Collide", the fantastic ballad by Steve Marinangeli

Collide begins with a catchy Piano piece which sets the mood of the song brilliantly, I love the snare which is set back in the mix providing a sense of rhythm without taking away from the main Piano hook.

When the vocals hit in for the verse, the snare becomes more prominent and highlights the transition from intro to the verse exceptionally. The vocals are smooth and sit perfectly in the mix and ooze style and finesse.

When the pre chorus hits in, there’s a tingle down your spine moment as the track steps up and the layers build beautifully towards the chorus.

I really like the way everything drops out apart from the vocals, for the beginning of the chorus.

When everything hits back in, the chorus is big ,hooky and has a great upbeat feel to it!

I love the way a lead Guitar section is used as a bridge, continuing the tunefulness of the song and bringing us back to the verse.

I really like the detail of the String sections which pop out of the song and catch the ear and add to the emotion of the track brilliantly.

Towards the end of the song, a key change in the chorus takes “Collide” up a gear as Steve Marinangeli heads for a crescendo,  adding layers of lead Guitar and ending on the beautifully tuneful piano.

Collide is a catchy ballad with bags of character!


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