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Review Zoo check out the new single, Control, by INVICIM

“Control” launches straight in with some seriously tight riffing, setting up contrast for a tempo change as the riff loosens up to follow suit.

The tight riff is pleasing to the ear, but when the slower tempo hits in breakdown style, it’s the icing on the metal cake, and we’re only 9 seconds in! I can’t wait to hear the rest of this track!

“Control” quickly picks up pace again, keeping the listener fully engaged as the song twists and turns like a crazy rollercoaster.

Dropping into the verse, INVICIM take their foot off the gas briefly before driving it down, pedal to the metal as the tempo is picked up again.

I love the pace changes as the verse darts between spacious Guitar parts and gritty lip biting riffary.

Mark Vincent's vocals are like caramel, adding great depth and melody to the INVICIM sound, while the rest of the band lay down a heavy foundation which shifts in dynamics from an open sounding spacious soundscape to groove focussed metal.

“Control” drops into a section where Roy Taylors Guitar meets the clean nature of the vocals before hitting back into a distorted passage. Cal Davis Drums maintain the groove of the song while Mark Hamon's Bass provides a water tight low end foundation as the Guitar steps into a chord section before hitting back into the tight riffage again.

As “Control” revisits the previous sections, The vocals have slight variations in the sound with added aggression, a stealthy way of moving the song along in a really clever way.

The outro is mosh pit ready on a huge scale! I can envisage a huge crowd rippling like a shaken carpet as a frenzied crowd jumps to the groove of this belter of an outro.

INVICIM have written a great song in “Control” and I’m really looking forward to hearing more from them.

I get hints of Nu Metal, Groove Metal and Djent, put together in an extremely well crafted package. Keep an eye on INVICIM, they’re going to be big!


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