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Review Zoo get swept away by Crushed by Waves, live at Reading Face bar!

Crushed by Waves are currently headlining their UK tour, and Review Zoo had the pleasure of catching them making waves at their Reading show. The Reading Face bar hosted CBW, and the atmosphere was incredible, creating an unforgettable experience for everyone present.

Crushed by Waves have taken a phenomenal show on the road, offering exceptional entertainment to their fans. Supporting acts “Within Reach” and “When We Were Wolves” kicked off the evening with great positivity and energy, setting the perfect tone for the night. Both bands brought their unique flair to the stage, energizing the crowd and preparing them for the main act.

The chemistry between all the bands and crew on this tour is palpable, reflected in their performances and the overall vibe of the event. It's evident how much support and respect each band has for one another, creating a collaborative and uplifting environment. This mutual admiration translates into their performances, adding an extra layer of authenticity and passion to their music.

Within Reach are young but pack a powerful punch, delivering heavy tunes that belie their age. These lads are ones to watch; their progress is bound to be exciting as they continue to churn out brilliant tracks. Despite their youth, they exhibit a maturity in their sound and I’m sure they have an extremely bright future ahead. Their set was a mix of raw energy and refined musicianship, leaving the audience eager for more.

When We Were Wolves brought charisma and an infectious positive vibe to the venue. Their love for what they do is clear and contagious, instantly engaging the audience. The band's dynamic performance style and tight musicianship kept the energy high, making it impossible not to get swept up in their enthusiasm. Their interaction with the crowd was genuine and warm, creating a sense of community and shared experience.

As the night progressed, the anticipation for Crushed by Waves reached a fever pitch. When they finally took the stage, it was clear that the wait had been worth it. Crushed by Waves took the stage with a no-nonsense approach. Their brand of catchy, hooky, heavy rock immediately captivated the crowd. Each track felt like a hit, making for a setlist packed with potential chart-toppers. It's easy to envision CBW receiving regular airplay on Radio 1, Kerrang, and other major stations, given the quality and catchiness of their songs.

Drummer Tom West is a standout performer, with his energetic, flailing style and impressive stick work making for a visually and aurally compelling experience. His rock-and-roll persona is matched by his consistent timing and skill behind the kit. Tom's drumming is a cornerstone of CBW's sound, providing a solid yet dynamic foundation for the band's high-energy performance.

Arran Prime should be called “Arran Prime Energy,” given his relentless and infectious stage presence. He flies around the stage, immersing the crowd in his energy, which the audience eagerly reciprocates. Arran's charisma and enthusiasm are central to CBW's live shows, creating a connection with the audience that is both powerful and personal. His ability to engage with fans, both on and off the stage, is a testament to his dedication and love for what he does.

Guitarists Dan Collict and Andy Hoskinson delivered a masterclass in guitar work, flawlessly executing each track with precision and high energy. The interplay between Dan and Andy is seamless, showcasing their technical prowess and creative synergy. Their riffs were executed with such passion and precision that it felt like a personal performance for each member of the audience.

The setlist for the night was a carefully curated mix of fan favourites and new material, each song met with enthusiastic applause and singing from the crowd. From the opening notes to the final encore, Crushed by Waves held the audience in the palm of their hand, delivering a show that was both polished and electrifying. The energy in the room was palpable, with every person fully engaged and invested in the performance.

Meeting the guys from Crushed by Waves after the show was a highlight. They are a great bunch of lads who appreciate their fans just as much as their fans appreciate them. Their down-to-earth nature and genuine appreciation for their supporters was evident in every interaction. As a special treat, my son, a huge Crushed by Waves fan, received a poster signed by every band member, an effort that speaks volumes about their dedication to their supporters.

As I reflect on the night, it’s clear that Crushed by Waves are on a trajectory towards greater success. Their ability to deliver a high-energy, captivating performance is matched by their skill in crafting memorable, hit-worthy songs. Their live show is a testament to their hard work, talent, and dedication, leaving no doubt that they have a bright future ahead.

I highly recommend catching Crushed by Waves live and checking them out online. Their shows are not to be missed, and their music is sure to leave a lasting impression. Whether you're a long-time fan or new to their sound, Crushed by Waves offer an experience that is both exhilarating and unforgettable. Crushed by Waves continue to solidify their place in the music scene, making waves that are sure to be felt for years to come.

In summary, Crushed by Waves' Reading show was a masterclass in live performance, showcasing the best of what the band has to offer. Their infectious energy, tight musicianship, and genuine connection with their fans made for an unforgettable night. If you have the chance to see them live, don’t miss it. They are a band that truly delivers on every level, both on and off the stage.


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