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The Dialectic drop ferocious new single on EP release day

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

The Dialectic are the epitome of pure American heavy metal and their new EP, Crawl To The Throne, is quickly going to propel them into the upper echelon of the genre. This Texas-based unit could be best described as Lamb of God meets Whitechapel and this dynamic sound is clearly evident on their blistering, new single, 'Harvest The Young'. This track’s new video (see below) perfectly captures the song’s powerful lyrical content covering how the government looks upon soldiers as expendable assets. Crawl To The Throne is out now on all digital service platforms.

Check out the 'Harvest The Young' video here:

Mitch Howie (vocals) states: “The EP’s concept immediately started to dive into the pursuit of opening eyes to governmental corruption and politicians spilling innocent blood for corruption, without getting their hands dirty themselves. Every song follows this theme. 

"The writing process for this EP started out almost immediately after the official release of our last EP, A Falsehood Defined. We strived to put more emphasis on crafting faster, more aggressive sounds that we leaned into on the last EP, but with a more raw feeling in the lyrics. We shifted our lyrical content towards subjects that really matter to us (military, government, deep state corruption) and began to make sure the whole EP really followed those subjects. The other songs quickly followed suit and the ideas really fell into place once the title track. 'Crawl To The Throne' was written, and the lyrics had a certain emotional feel. 

"The final track, 'My Kindred,' is almost like a finale to the EP's concept, which is actually about watching the world burn with your child. It is basically talking to a child and telling them not to listen to what they tell you, because every statement should feel like a lie. From what we've seen, we know that blindly trusting and following your government leads to a path of certain bodily harm and/or mental destruction, which ties into the song, 'Harvest The Young.’ If you read the lyrics, they will string together the whole story for you. For me, it's goosebump city.

"We have soldiers go to war and destroy their bodies for the government’s financial gain. Only to crawl back home to be handed a piece of metal, just to be quickly tossed aside so that the new generations can follow suit.

"This EP is about the cost and reward (or lack thereof) of going to war to fight for a government that doesn't even know your name."

Crawl to the Throne tracklist:

1 Obey

4 Crawl To The Throne

5 My Kindred


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